Setting Me Up

Hello! I’m genuinely grateful to everyone who has expressed interest in setting me up on a date with someone they know. It’s flattering to be considered a potentially good match with a woman you know and love.

I am certainly open to meeting new people and I expect to someday meet my future wife through friends. So thank you for wanting to be part of the process 🙂

Why did I create this page?

I’m hoping that this page can help me solve some problems I’m having with getting set up.

  • Friends and family reach out to set me up pretty often and I get overwhelmed fairly easily.
  • I like the idea of getting set up, but I want to make sure I’m compatible with the person and that there’s mutual interest from the beginning.
  • I’m a recovering people-pleaser and saying “no thanks” is very hard for me.

I’m trying to avoid wasting anybody’s time or hurting feelings, so I hope to manage some expectations and make sure that she and I are compatible pretty early on.

How to Set Me Up on a Date

I’m not interested in blind dates. I value my time and respect hers (and I hate causing and experiencing heartbreak) so I want both of us to decide we are interested before setting up a date.


I’d rather not get excited about someone and then not be able to take them on a date.

Send her my full name so she can look me up. I have social media links listed below. If she doesn’t have social media, send her some pictures of me and feel free to use some of the about me information below. You could also send her my non-Mutual dating profile.

Help me become interested

Send me her full name so I can look her up. If she doesn’t have social media, send me pictures of her, as well as some information about why you believe we are a good match. What do we have in common?

(If the only thing we have in common is that you love us both, it’s probably not gonna work out 🙂)

Help create mutual interest, but please don’t ask me if I’m interested. 95% of the time that’s an awkward conversation. I’m a recovering people-pleaser and it can be hard for me to be direct when I’m not interested.

Even if I’m not interested in dating her, there’s a high probability that we could become good friends (and a possibility that something could happen down the road). That’s easiest if we just follow each other on social media and let conversation develop naturally.

Send me her number

After she has expressed interest, send me her number or social media and if I’m interested she will definitely hear from me. But please, please don’t ask me about my interest level. However, I promise I will say something to you if I’m highly interested.

Getting set up often requires a lot of travel so it’s best if we can talk for a bit before going on a date. A phone/video call is also a comfortable way for us to learn early on that we aren’t compatible before investing too much time or money into dating. Even if I’m not interested in dating her, I’m  generally happy to have a conversation with anyone regardless of first impressions. I just might be slower to reach out if there’s a lack of interest.

Even without being asked about our interest, we might both express excitement (not just willingness) about meeting the other. In that case, you could help jump start the relationship by inviting us both over for something low-key, like dinner or games, etc. If we’ve never interacted in person or over a call, first dates can be more comfortable in group settings.

If she doesn’t have social media but wants to know more about me, here are some things you can tell her:

  • Active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • From Arizona, living in Rexburg
  • Oldest of 7 kids
  • Graduated from BYU-I with a bachelors in Financial Economics
  • Builds websites full-time
  • Business owner (ArcFires, American Center for Civic Training, Liberty Library, Healing of America Foundation)
  • Politically involved (ran for office, involved in the Republican Party, have worked in a dozen political organizations). Political views are generally conservative, but very nuanced.
  • Loves pickle ball, volleyball, soccer, swimming, hiking, rock climbing, camping, paddle boarding, kayaking, and outdoors in general
  • Obsessed with podcasts and educational YouTube videos
  • Passionate about goal-setting and personal development topics

My Social Media Profiles

Pictures of Me

If she doesn’t have social media but wants to see pictures of me, here are some fairly recent ones you can send her:

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