Jacob Householder

I have a website development business called ArcFires and am working to launch a new career in civic education through several other organizations.

What living the dream looks like for me

Big family, lots of land, physically active, healthy relationships, making a difference in the world.

I want a marriage like my parents relationship-compassionate & service-oriented. Christ-centered family life filled with unconditional love, good communication, laughter, intense purpose, creativity, forgiveness, patience, variety, intimacy, adventure & a healthy amount of teasing & occasional pranks.

Fastest way to my heart

Vulnerability. Meaningful conversation. Teach me something. Kindly tell me I’m wrong about something.

Tell me about your goals. Ask me meaningful questions to show genuine interest. Reciprocate. Be flirty without playing games. Have a vision for your life and live with intense purpose. Accept help and let me serve you. Love yourself. Embrace your femininity. Skip the small talk—lets talk about ideas.

About me

❤️ my family. Obsessed with learning new things. Laugh more than I should. Intensely passionate 👉INFJ

Convo topics: I want to hear about your family! What gets you fired up? What have you learned from past relationships? Podcast recommendations? How have you changed in the past 5 years? What could you talk about for hours? Any controversial beliefs? What decisions are you trying to make? Talents?

Quick Facts

  • From Arizona, living in Rexburg
  • Oldest of 7 kids
  • Graduated from BYU-I with a bachelors in Financial Economics
  • Builds websites full-time
  • Business owner (ArcFires, American Center for Civic Training, Liberty Library, Healing of America Foundation)
  • Politically involved (ran for office, involved in the Republican Party, have worked in a dozen political organizations)
  • Loves pickle ball, volleyball, soccer, swimming, hiking, rock climbing, camping, paddle boarding, kayaking, and outdoors in general
  • Obsessed with podcasts and educational YouTube videos

Hello! I’m genuinely grateful to everyone who has expressed interest in setting me up on a date with someone they know. It’s flattering to be considered a potentially good match with a woman you know and love.

I am certainly open to meeting new people and I expect to someday meet my future wife through friends. However, to avoid wasting time or hurting feelings, I want to manage some expectations and make sure that she and I are compatible pretty early on.

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