Setting Me Up

Hello! I’m genuinely grateful to everyone who has expressed interest in setting me up on a date with someone they know. It’s flattering to be considered a potentially good match with a woman you know and love.

I am certainly open to meeting new people and I expect to someday meet my future wife through friends. However, to avoid wasting time or hurting feelings, I want to manage some expectations and make sure that she and I are compatible pretty early on.

  1. I’m straight. Let’s just start with that 😂
  2. I’m looking for a valiant, active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who takes her covenants seriously.
  3. I live a physically active lifestyle and it’s important to me that I have that in common with my wife.
  4. I’m happy to date women who have been divorced and have kids, but it would be very hard for me to leave Rexburg right now, so her willingness and ability to move is something to consider.
  5. Physically attractive. Would I want to kiss her? Would she want to kiss me? It’s ok if the answer is “Maybe,” but if the answer is “Yeah… that would be a stretch 😬” then we should probably reconsider.
  6. Politically conservative. I’m fascinated by conversations with my progressive friends, but it’s just not gonna work out if she’s strongly opposed to my political views & future career.
  7. Similar lifestyles/priorities/goals. We need to be going the same direction with out lives.
  8. Deep thinker, passionate, intelligent, and opinionated. I need someone who I would love talking with.
  9. Age… I prefer to date someone who is roughly 24-32. However, what’s really important to me is that she is mature and can keep up and I know there are women younger than 24 who are exceptionally mature and experienced. I’m also willing to date women who are older than ~32, but I prefer younger to make having a large family possible.

I’m attracted to women of any race/ethnicity who take really good care of themselves physically.

  • Physically active/athletic
  • Good hygiene and grooming
  • I love long hair and a beautiful smile
  • Confident and secure
  • Steady and consistent
  • Proactive (not lazy)
  • Responsible and driven
  • Highly curious and intelligent
  • Appreciates the small things in life
  • Passionate – not apathetic
  • Not afraid of an entrepreneurial lifestyle
  • Has a growth mindset
  • Wise and thoughtful
  • Immensely grateful
  • Service-oriented
  • Temperate, modest, and reverent
  • Creative and artistic
  • Outgoing and adventurous
  • Joyful and light-hearted
  • Forgiving and patient
  • Sees the potential in others
  • Observant and considerate
  • Loves God and has a relationship with Him
  • Consecrated (puts God first)
  • Takes her callings and covenants very seriously
  • Wants a big family
  • Journal and scripture habits
Other Interests & Talents
  • Dancing
  • Musically-inclined
  • Pickle ball
  • Rock climbing
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Gardening/permaculture
  • Painting
  • Geocaching
  1. Find out if there’s mutual interest. Send her my name and send me hers so we can look each other up. If she doesn’t have social media, send her pictures of me and send me pictures of her, as well as some information about why you believe we are a good match. What do we have in common? If the only thing we have in common is that you love us both, it’s probably not gonna work out 🙂
  2. I typically prefer meeting the person before going on a date with them. If possible, invite us both over for something low-key, like dinner or games, etc. This is more comfortable for everyone if it happens organically.
  3. If we haven’t been able to meet in person, send me her number so we can talk on the phone. I’m happy to have a conversation with anyone regardless of first impressions. Also, getting set up often requires a lot of travel so it’s best if we can talk for a bit before going on a date. A phone call is also a comfortable way for us to learn that we aren’t compatible before investing too much time into dating.
  4. If for some reason meeting casually or over the phone won’t work, then I’m willing to meet them on a blind date if there’s definitely mutual interest.

If she doesn’t have social media but wants to know more about me, here are some things you can tell her:

  • From Arizona, living in Rexburg
  • Oldest of 7 kids
  • Graduated from BYU-I with a bachelors in Financial Economics
  • Builds websites full-time
  • Business owner (ArcFires, American Center for Civic Training, Liberty Library, Healing of America Foundation)
  • Politically involved (ran for office, involved in the Republican Party, have worked in a dozen political organizations)
  • Loves pickle ball, volleyball, soccer, swimming, hiking, rock climbing, camping, paddle boarding, kayaking, and outdoors in general
  • Obsessed with podcasts and educational YouTube videos

My Social Media Profiles

Pictures of Me

If she doesn’t have social media but wants to see pictures of me, here are some fairly recent ones you can send her:

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