Jacob is a public speaker, researcher, and writer who believes America can be healed by making the Founding Fathers’ principles of successful government popular again through a grassroots educational movement. He is an advocate of liberty and has dedicated his life to restoring the Constitution. Additionally, he believes America can be healed through civil public discourse and proper education. Jacob seeks to unify America by promoting and highlighting bipartisan solutions instead of partisan problems.

Jacob Householder is a university student majoring in Financial Economics. He is an advocate of free markets and conservative politics. Jacob is currently Director of International Outreach for the Columbus Center for Constitutional Studies and organizes young adults to get involved in the healing of America through the Restoration Generation and affiliate organizations. He has assisted with the creation of half a dozen educational nonprofits over the past several years, including the Madison Liberty Institute in Rexburg, Idaho.

Jacob has assisted with various research projects, such as the Harvard Divinity School’s Religious Literacy Project. He is currently studying Financial Economics at Brigham Young University—Idaho and is preparing to apply to graduate school to attain a PhD in Economics.