Private Resources

Scientific Journals and Databases, etc. (Login for BYU-Idaho Students)

Science Direct

American Geophysical Union


Scientific American

EBSCO Host: GeoRef

EBSCO Host: History of Science, Medicine, and Technology

EBSCO Host: OmniFile



Wiley Online Library

Web of Science Core Collection

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Annual Reviews


Public Resources

Recommended Books

Science Websites

Science Daily


New Scientist




Science Alert (great email newsletters)

ZME Science (great email newsletters)

Eurek Alert by AAAS (good email newsletters)

Geological Society of America – Publications

Live Science

Red Orbit

National Center for Science Education

Creationism Websites

Institute for Creation Research – News

Universal Model

Answers in Genesis

Creation Ministries International

Center for Scientific Creation

Creation Today – Articles

Creation Moments

Google Earth / Maps

Download Google Earth Pro

USGS – Google Earth KML Files

USGS – Earthquakes

USGS – Faults

USGS – Seismic Hazard Maps and Site-Specific Data

Miscellaneous Resources

Logical Fallacies


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