The 20 Powers of Congress

From the Constitution Article 1, Section 8

  1. Tax (Uniformly)
  2. Borrow, and pay debts
  3. Provide for the common defense/general well-being
  4. Regulate foreign commerce and commerce between the states
  5. Establish citizenship rules
  6. Establish bankruptcy laws
  7. Coin and regulate money values
  8. Standardize weights and measures
  9. Punish counterfeiting
  10. Establish a postal system
  11. Pass copyright and patent laws
  12. Establish federal tribunal courts
  13. Punish crimes on the high seas
  14. Declare war
  15. Raise and finance armed forces
  16. Establish rules for the armed forces
  17. Call up state militias
  18. Administer the seat of government
  19. Administer federal lands
  20. Pass laws to implement the above

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